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Modzitz is a famous Chassidic Rabbinic dynasty that is known for its music or Nigunnim, as well as for learning and Torah. The Modzitzer dynasty traces its way back to students and chassidim of the well known Baal-Shem-Tov zt'l originator of the chassidic movement. However to be more specific the Modzitzer dynasty goes back to renowned Reb Yechezkel of Kuzmir zt'l who lived and served Hashem as well as Am Yisrael in Kuzmir, Poland. He gave up his soul to Hashem on erev Shabat the 17th of Shevat in the year 5616 or Jan. 24,1856.

Upon the passing of Reb Chaskale Kuzmir zt'l, his son the Zvoliner Rebbe Reb Shmuel Eliahu was called upon to lead the chasidim. Reb Shmuel Eliahu lived in Zvolin Poland. From his youth, Rebbe Shmuel Eliyahu was outstanding in his Torah scholarship and his musical abilities. He was called, "Menagen mafli pla'os", a wondrous musical talent. When he davened before the amud in his father's Beis Medrash, the place shook. People then said that they experienced the meaning of "and the entire nation saw the sounds" [a description in the Torah to describe the giving of the Torah].

Nevertheless, he didn't continue for long to daven before the amud, to the dismay of the Chassidim. Precisely because he understood the value of niggun, he refrained from singing. Even so, he composed many niggunim, especially for Shabbos and Yom Tov that were known thoughout Poland and attracted many people. He was the first of the Polish Tzaddikim to concentrate his creative powers in negina. With his awesome memory, he was able to remember everything he composed.

His attitude towards negina was as if the singer were standing in the Beis HaMikdash, and the Leviim were accompanying him in the shira v'zimra. He passed away in 5648 [1888], leaving behind five sons: Rebbe Moshe Aharon, who succeeded him in Zvolin; Rebbe Yisrael of Modzitz; Rebbe Yaakov of Radom. The other two sons, R. Ovadiah and R. Chaim Benyamin, did not have a Chassidic following. He passed away on the 26 of Iyar 5648 or May 8, 1888.

But Modzitz as such, started with his son Reb Yisrael Taub of Modzitz....


Reb Yisrael
Reb Yisrael Taub zt'l, The first Modzitzer Rebbe

Reb Shaul
Reb Shaul Yedidya Elazer Taub zt'l, The second Modzitzer Rebbe

Imre Aish
Reb Shmuel Eliahu Taub zt'l, the third Modzitzer Rebbe.

HaRebbe Shlita
Reb Yisrael Dan Taub zt'l, the fourth Modzitzer Rebbe

Much information on this site, as well as direct quotes, was/were taken from numerous articles by, such distinguished people as,
Jon Kalish one who loves Modzitz and writes about it extensively
M. S. Geshury Who wrote many books on Chassidic music and Modzitz, Lachasidim Mizmor and others.
Velvel Pasternak a chasid and friend who also wrote many articles and books
The music and nigunnim are from recordings of HaRav Ben Zion Shenker, Noted singer and composer of Nigunnim in his own right.
Rivky Shenker, Who wrote a marvelous report about Modzitz.
Rabbi Harold (Heshy) Weinreb is the spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore, Maryland. Married to Chavi a granddaughter of Reb Shaul, The Second Modzitzer Rebbe.
My thanks to all of them. as well as the many others, that helped me.
Ora Taub, the WebMaster.

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