The Modzitz Musical Heritage Institute

We are pleased to announce the inception of the Institute for Preserving and Promotion of the Heritage of Neginas Modzitz. The institute has amassed over one thousand cassette tape, reel, and vinyl recordings of many of the nigunnim, stories and events throughout the history of Modzitz - from Israel, the US, Poland and elsewhere.

The goals of the institute are to.............

To date, the Machon has published a series of [6] six recordings [on three cassette tapes] of the Niggunim composed by the previous Rebbe - the Imrei Aish zt"l for the Yomim Noraim years of 5727 - 5732, and a full instrumental disk from Modzitzer chasunas. Many more published recordings are planned for the near future.

A major leap forward took place after Pesach, when a team of the Machon staff, led by Rav David Zeira, the vital force behind the Machon, who has both funded its inception and guides the ongoing activities, went to the USA to gather and copy recordings from some of the leading collections and libraries in the US. Many hundreds of cassette tapes, reels, vinyl record albums, and other material were added to the collection in this effort. The Machon would like to express its thanks to the Shenker, Shai, Eisenstadt and Nathan families, among others, who provided both material and assistance in the project.

The Machon would like to extend the collection to include any and all recordings or productions done of Modzitz material. We ask that if anyone has recordings of Modzitzer niggunim, shiurim, tishes, etc. - no matter what the quality or content - that could be of interest, to please contact the Machon at machon@modzitz.org

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