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Below are some beautiful Modzitzer Niggunim especially chosen for the Yamim Noraim The soloist and arranger of most of them is Harav Ben Zion Shenker,

All are in Realplayer format. So you can listen to the whole Niggun online,by clicking on either the RealPlayer icon or the name.

Or if you may download them, by right clicking on the diskette in the "D/L" column, then clicking on "save link as". Make sure that the file you are downloading has a .rm extension, (not a .ram extension).

All the Nigunnim are compatible with Realplayer version 5 as well as the latest Realplayer G2 version. If you don't have the Realplayer program it's available Free, by clicking this Logo.   RealPlayer Free

Note! Some of these were taken from old LP records (remember them?) so the scratching you may occasionally hear is authentic, and was not added to enhance the music.

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D/L Play Name Description

DownLoad ListenUvashofar Gadol UfaShofar Gadol, by The First Modzitzer Rebbe, the Divrei Yisrael 1885
DownLoad ListenAreshes Sfasenu Areshes Sfasenu Composed by The Imre Shaul.
DownLoad ListenV'al Kulam V'Al Kulam by the Imrei Shaul
DownLoad ListenK'Vakoras K'VaKoras, Instrumental version, Composed by the Imrei Shaul in 1928
DownLoad ListenEin Kitzva A very famous march.
DownLoad ListenKadish Instrumental format, often sung to Shir HaMaalos, Composed by the Imrei Esh in the early 1950's as Kaddish for Yamim Noraim.
DownLoad ListenV'Yesoyu A march with an Oriental touch, Composed by the Imrei Shaul in 1927 .
DownLoad ListenMechalkel Chaim The famous Mechalkel Chaim, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 1926.
DownLoad ListenKadish Kadish, sung after Mussaf.Composed by the Imrei Shaul in the 1920's
DownLoad ListenKadshenu Kadshenu, Composed by the Present Rebbe Shlita. 1986
DownLoad ListenKel Adon A rousing march guaranteed to wake them up, as is the case of almost all Modzitzer Niggunim Can and is sung to many Tfillos. The Imrei Shaul, 1939
DownLoad ListenAshrenu Although not really a niggun for Yamim Noraim we add it here because all the new ones are here. The Imrei Shaul, 1928

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